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Droplets of Drupal and Drupal-related wisdom…

Choosing a hosting service for Drupal sites

Choosing a hosting service for your Drupal site can be a bit of an adventure. To help keep your adventure more on the fun or at least efficient side, here is my personal minimum set of technical requirements for a hosting service for Drupal sites. (These are more than the minimum requirements specified at —Drupal can run on Windows and/or use other databases, for example.)

In praise of content wrangling

A website is nothing without content. And sometimes the content you start with needs a fair amount of "wrangling" before it is in good shape for the Web. Often this is true even if it was wonderful content before you started, because the Web has its own demands and ways of doing things.

Well-written and well-structured site content can not only convey your message, but educate, motivate and influence visitors who read it.

Backup (Stanford) AFS Drupal site shell script

Now with version 1.2!

This is a Bourne shell script for backing up a Drupal site installed in a Stanford AFS group or department account. (This version doesn't work anywhere else.)

It does a dump of the Drupal database and creates a compressed archive of the entire Drupal directory from which it is run. Both the directory archive and .sql file are written to a DrupalBackups directory under the top level directory of the department or group account from which it is run. (If the DrupalBackups directory doesn't already exist, it is created.)

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